Pun+ for a what's up like application

first of all photon's products are great, so far I have been using photon chat and works like a charm.

Unfortunately for us the Unity licenses required to build Android/IOS apps with photon chat are quite costly. That's why I'm interested in PUN+ as it does not require pro licenses. My studio plans to buy those licenses in the near future, once the application is almost ready, but right now is quite difficult for us to accomplish that.

So our application has a messaging system like "what's up", is possible to create it with Photon Pun+? Does Photon Pun+ is the best product to accomplish this?

I would appreciate any help.


  • Thanks for the nice feedback. It's cool to read it works so well for you! :)

    Keep in mind that Photon Chat does not support offline messages.

    PUN+ will get an update in the next month or so which will include the Chat API. This will be the easiest way to get Chat on Android/iOS with Unity Free.
    PUN itself (not matter if Free or Plus) does not work well for Chats. The logic server-side is completely different, so you can't really make a messenger with PUN.

    I hope that helps?