Problem with Facebook custom authentication

I have setup the Facebook custom authentication and if i check the 'Reject all clients if not available.' option, i can't connect. It returns in the OnCustomAuthenticationFailed method, the error message 'Custom authentication service error: Offline'.

Is there a problem with the custom authentication service ?


  • What error do you get when this fails?
    Are you sure you setup the FB service on the server correctly and that the client side is doing it right, too?
    I am not aware of any issue.
  • Hello,

    since when do you have this problem? Has this become an issue recently, has it worked before?

    Which Photon Cloud region do you use?
  • I just found out that i can connect with tcp but not with udp.

    I entered my facebook app's AppID and Secret in the photon facebook provider page and my photon application id in the unity PhotonServerSettings file. I use photon cloud, us or eu, udp.

    Like i said, the OnCustomAuthenticationFailed(string debugMessage) method is called with the
    "Custom authentication service error: Offline" string.

    I think it was working before, maybe i was using tcp at that time, not sure.

    I use the following code to connect from the unity editor, where the FB class is from the facebook unity sdk.
    PhotonNetwork.AuthValues = new AuthenticationValues();
    PhotonNetwork.AuthValues.AuthType = CustomAuthenticationType.Facebook;
    PhotonNetwork.AuthValues.SetAuthParameters(FB.UserId, FB.AccessToken);
  • Thanks for the additional information. There have not been any changes to the EU / US Cloud recently, so I'm not aware of anything on "our" side that might cause this.
    On the server-side, the custom authentication code is the same for UDP or TCP, so that should definitely not make a difference. But we'll have a look at that and run some tests.

    Thanks for sharing your findings so far!