How to set disconnect timeout


i'm currently working on a multiplayer card game and i allow players to create private rooms. They name the room and send the name to friends so they can join the room (using JoinOrCreateRoom()). There is no "Room List". My problem is when the player has to tell the name of the room to contacts, he has to run application on background and then, after something like 10 seconds, the player gets disconnected from his own room.

I'd like to increase timeout to 30 sec, or maybe if someone can solve the problem otherwise ?
I though creating a temp file with name of the room and when application gets focus back, join again the room, but i also need increased server timeout for the "in game experience" as long as a round can take 20 sec, people will probably send sms/check facebook ...

Finding a way to solve this problem, we thought a "Photon Application Friend List" would be great, maybe is it live ?


  • About disconnects while texting:
    Unfortunately, you can't extend the timeout at the moment. The servers track their own timeout and we can't edit the time individually.
    With longer timeouts it takes longer until the other players notice when you dropped out of a game. To have that info, we want to keep the timeouts short.

    However, Photon allows you to re-join a game.
    In best case, your clients cache the last room name they joined and when they were active in it. Then they can automatically re-join the game. This also covers cases where network dropped for a while.
    Of course you have to handle the case that a game might end before you re-join, etc.
    There should be a JoinRoom overload with a actorNumber parameter. This is how you re-join. Let me know which client package you use and I'll point you to the re-join.

    For a friend system:
    We partner with PlayFab, which is probably a very interesting service for you. They offer user accounts, friends, push notifications and more. PlayFab will integrate a Photon Cloud solution in their services but you can use both services in tandem. Use their API for the friends and invitations and ours for matchmaking and in-game communication.