damage system

guys i f*&#$^ing wasted up to 15 hours today and stuck with my damaging system... i realised that its not that easy ... for damage system on networks can anyone give me the simplest (or what he knows) concept of damage system to understand it please? damage like health hit and health falls after hit... i couldnt do this becausei god confused with tags and collision detaction with tags


  • It sounds like you need to separate tasks a bit.
    First: Do your collision/hit detection. Do it locally. Test it with some dummy character you instantiate solely for testing.
    When you detect the hits, you should call some method like "hit". If the hit was caused locally, on "this" client, then you want to send this to the others.

    In "hit" you can then begin to call an RPC, if the hit was caused locally (if it's your bullet). You should send the hit to the others as RPC.
    This is explained in the Marco Polo Tutorial. You should work through this entirely as first step.
    http://doc.exitgames.com/en/pun/current ... marco-polo

    Last but not least, each client should handle it's own health value and reduce it when it got hit.