[Resolved] PUN 1.28.2 was broken. PUN 1.28.3 now available.

Hi Everyone,

I just downloaded the most recent update to PUN and getting the following:

The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing!

It's missing a behaviour. My internet connection has been spotty lately so if anyone can confirm that would be great.



  • Here's a video showing the problem.

    Again, not sure if it's just my set up or if anyone else has this issue..

  • I'm having the same problem, I may as well just revert back to the older version of Photon.
    Hoping it get's resolved soon.

    I love PUN, it's easy to work with and use, and it's not LAN, thank god lol. I can't stand Unity games when people make a LAN game, LAN is for losers, it makes no feasible sense to make a LAN game when you got PUN lol.
  • Hey Exit games, any ETA on a fix for this?

    As well, does anyone have an older version? I normally save out a copy but for some weird reason I didn't.

    So if you have an older copy, I would appreciate. Optionally, I'm going to see if I can export one from my older games. It's just a bit messy :I
  • Hey everyone.
    Thanks for your reports. The package got broken due to a misconfiguration on my side. The .meta files went missing and I didn't notice.
    This was supposed to be a quick fix for a minor issues and turned out to be a bigger problem instead.
    Sorry for the issues this caused!

    PUN Free and PUN+ both have new packages in the Asset Store as of now.
    As far as I can see v1.28.3 works (downloaded and import to new project).

    Anyone who reviewed the package in the Asset Store in the last days, please update the review when things work out again.
    Sorry again and thanks for the reports.
  • Awesome stuff!

    Thanks Tobias :D
  • It is working properly now!