Unity3d Parkour Wallrun

How would I do a wall run?

I don't think I need an exact code, just basically how I would do it.



  • Hi JakobxRasmussen.

    I believe you will get good answer faster on Unity engine forum. This forum more about network code.
  • I have tried there, and I didn't get any replies at all!
    It is really hard, at least I find it hard! To do the wall run part! So I asked here after Unity3d engine forum.
  • Ro0b
    edited July 2015
    Some semi pseudo code:

    Animator PlayerAnimator;

    CharacterController controller = GetComponent();
    PlayerAnimator = GetComponent();
    if (controller.collisionFlags == CollisionFlags.Sides && !controller.grounded)
    else PlayerAnimator.SetBool("IsWallRunning",False);

    Then you need to get into mecanim and setup a parameter and put it as a condition to the animation to be triggered. To get to this, you need to make a transition between the animation when your character is "in air" and the "wallrun" animation, click on that arrow. There's the condition field.

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