PUN Inspiration Thread

Hey Everyone!

I've been digging into PUN during the weekends and absorbing as much as I can. I started kicking around with it years ago but work, family, health, and all manner of things kept me from getting something made.

For those of you who are creating or making something, please post and inspire others. Maybe it can open up to another thread discussing production or dev techniques.

For me, I've been able to finally get a new character in-game and have him walking around vs. the standard demo worker. Not really that exciting, but it's exciting when I can see it work!

Hi Everyone! I made some tutorial videos:

1. How to install the PUN plugin.
2. How to replace the demo worker character with your own.
3. Photon Networking - Change an object texture PART 1 of 2

If you like the videos please let me know. I'm planning on making them as I go along because the reality is that I forget what I did months later! ;P


  • Nuts. Please move this to the showcases thread. Thanks.
  • I move it under one condition: You actually show how you did switch to the new character :)
    It's not a showcase yet.
  • lol, noted and I agree :D

    Here's some initial background
    I've been on a personal quest to create a multiplayer game that I would be happy with and in the process have always come back to Photon. PUN has definitely made it much easier!

    It's been ongoing as I work full time and really only have the weekends and whatever time I can find to work on my own stuff. The past couple of years, I sorta just dropped my efforts because I just ran out of steam and was frustrated. This time around, I plan on keeping a steady learning and development pace. My goal is read first, search, then tackle what I need to do.

    Here's my current sample, it's not much, but she's all mine:


    I figure start small and build up. Along the way I've learned and it's been very satisfying.

    I'lll share what I can as I produce this stuff and build it out. I'm not sure how long it will take, but my goal is to be consistent and keep it alive. I've tried and failed in the past just because I lacked the time, knowledge, or energy to just keep it going.

    Yikes, sorry I wrote so much…lol….
  • Updated post with two tutorials.
  • Cool stuff! Thanks for posting and doing the tutorials.
    I will link to your videos when I get those questions again :)