Unity3d Photon Network Muzzleflash

How would I make a muzzle flash in Unity3d, over network so the other players can see it as well?


  • Active the muzzle flash when someone shoots. Send "shoot" RPCs, e.g.
  • I just don't know how to activate the muzzle flash. I got the shooting part done, and taking damage and killing and all of that! Its just I wan't to be able to see when I'm shooting! :)
  • Just show the flash, when you create someone's bullets.
    You alone know how you show the flash, so you can do that for remote players, too.
  • I have the problem that if I call and RPC saying: SetActive(true)

    I shows everyones muzzle flash on my screen, and no ones on the other screen.
  • When you call an RPC on some GameObject, that method is only executed if found on scripts that are active in that instance. It's also not called on "every" GameObject's scripts.
    Maybe you disabled the Scripts or the GO on the remote characters/guns and so it doesn't fire?
  • Thanks :)

    But I'm doing this with a particle system now :)