Photon Server SDK v2.0.1 RC4 and MMO Demo v2.0.1 RC4 are out

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Today, we released new packages of the Photon and the MMO Demo to the wild.

This should solve the question why the MMO Demo is no longer in the Server SDK: it became its own download, including server and client source. The hope is to make it a more complete package, instead of spreading it across client and server SDKs. It should be much cleaner and easier to understand now, so if you used the package from Photon RC3 or even v1.6.2, give it a try.
Edit: Currently you would need Visual Studio to compile the MMO "common" classes which are used in server and client.

We are getting closer to a final form for Photon 2.0 now. Classes and namespaces are cleaned up and the workflow is more logical. We finally added more documentation and there even is a guide how to update from RC3 to RC4. Let us know if you encounter problems while updating!

Download it here
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