Combining Chat with Turnbased or Realtime

edited July 2014 in Photon Chat
If I want to include BOTH Chat and Turnbased services in a game - would I need to use and pay for BOTH products?


  • Actually, yes.
    You can do Chat also in a room but the Photon Chat service that's separated from rooms has a separate connection and different servers.
  • I don't understand WHY I should pay for BOTH products...

    Since I can implement the chat functionality in my Turnbased or Realtime service ... and have the exact same amount of traffic and messages (gameplay+chat) going through the Turnbased or Realtime service as if the chat messages was routed through a dedicated Chat service - the workload and traffic going through ExitGames servers would be the exact same.

    Wouldn't it be more natural to set pricing to the most expensive service that I use (price = max( Chat, Turnbased, Realtime ) ... but let me route some of the messages/traffic through these dedicated services? That would off-load some traffic from your high-end servers and make my life easier by not having to duplicate the Chat service on a Turnbased or Realtime server?