Chat History (HistoryLengthToFetch) returns nothing

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I am calling this function to subscribe given channel but every time, it starts as new and does not return chat history messages
this.chatClient.Subscribe(this.ChannelsToJoinOnConnect, this.HistoryLengthToFetch);


  • What's the value of HistoryLengthToFetch?
    We tested this and for us it worked. The channel is in use by someone?
    Can you send us a repro case?
  • What's the value of HistoryLengthToFetch?
    I tried 20 and then -1 to fetch all history

    I am the only one in the channel and I sent some msgs, after that I closed editor and run again and I got no msgs.
  • Its working when at least player is in channel, if all players leave channel and comes back, it shows nothing. If one player stays and rest leave/join, I can get history. I think this is how its designed!
  • >>I think this is how its designed!
    yes, you are right, right now it is desighned this way. when all users leave channel it will be disposed to release sustem resourses. In our plans there is adding saving state of channel in some db, in order to restore it later. So this problem for sure will be solved, but i should admit, it will be solved later
  • Any update?
  • No, not yet. A lot to do still with stability of what we have
  • Hi

    Is there any update? I have seen in app setup, we could provide custom authentication api to authenticate user that posts callback to our server. If we can get some how two extra APIs like that 1.OnChannelSubscribed, 2.OnChannelUnSubscribed which sends all msgs while leaving channel to our server, we could save history in this way and it would release burden to your servers too. What you think?

  • No, sorry. Not yet

    we are releasing Photon 4, so, after it we are going to go farther with chat. i think this may happen in one month or so

    >>I have seen in app setup ...
    yes. we will provide in the future this functionality, right now it is not finalized yet. but you will be able to do what you described
  • Hi there

    Is there any news about chat saving?
  • we are working on it. but i affraind that it will happen somewhere around october. just because so many thing should be done
  • Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to it.
  • Hi there

    Is there any news about chat saving?
  • i'm sorry, but still not. We have so many things to do, so that i event can not say exactly when we will finish. Part of work is already done. but still important part is lacking
  • Hi there
    Is there any update?
  • yes, we started to move things forward. it is not ready yet, but ...
  • Hi,
    is there any news? A mechanism similar to webhooks would be very convenient for our use case!
  • Hi @alessandro_lac,

    You can find your answer here.