Get user entered name and display to all clients

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with PhotonNetwork.Instantiate.

Here's the process:
I have a form/menu that the user enters his name/nickname , and after 2 or more players join a room, a player is able
to tap the other player and the tapped player name (not prefab name) will be displayed on screen and to all players.

so far .. , I create the player , where playerName is the name entered by the user .
GameObject tempGO =  zombieCharacter;
tempGO.GetComponent<NetworkCharacter>().characterName = playerName;

monster = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate( , spawnPosition , Quaternion.identity , 0 );
// the hit is a raycast hit
PhotonView pView = hit.collider.gameObject.GetPhotonView();
string name = pView.gameObject.GetComponent<NetworkCharacter>().characterName;

photonView.RPC("PrintMessageOnScreenRPC" , PhotonTargets.All , name + " has been caught");

and what is happening is that the client/user who created the game displays its own name (sine its 3rd person and player can tap on itslef)
and doesn't get the other player's name.

Any hints? or if a totally different approach ?

The purpose is simple, a user will search for the hiding players, when he sees a character, he will tap and every player will read a message like
"John has been caught" according to the user name the player enters..

Thank in Advance


  • Hi,

    Probably 'characterName' property is not synchronized across network.
    But you do not need it for player name since name is built-in PUN feature. Just set PhotonNetwork.playerName before joining room and use 'playerName' property of player who called "PrintMessageOnScreenRPC".
    Also you may find useful setting custom player properties during the game: (player.SetCustomProperties(...) method / player.customProperties pproperty). Properties are synchronized automatically too.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your time:)
    still ..
    I couldn't undestand how to access the playerName property of each tapped player.

    I tapped a character, and all I have is the hit, which is the player.
    How to access the playerName property?
  • You should use PhotonNetwork.playerName. Set it before you connect or at least before you join a room.
    This is the "display name" for a player.
    Per PhotonView, you can access another player's name by: