Search results, joining rooms and properties

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I can't synchronize room properties.
Here is what I'm doing:

I've got one machine that has created a room, using the load balancing peer API. This is what I will call the host. This host has created a hashtable of ints cast to string, and passed this into both the constructor of his room, and also into currentroom.SetcustomProperties. In the debugger, I can see my values within the freshly created room.

Then a client performs a search, and iterates the results of RoomInfo objects. The room is successfully found (and later joined) but the room's CustomProperties contains no values.

What am I doing wrong?


  • It's odd you say that the properties can be seen (and searched client side) in the lobby and NOT in the room after joining. The code to cache the properties is usually the same.
    When after joining do you check if the props are set? In some callback or state change? What triggers your check?

    Which version of the client SDK are you using?
  • Well I ran into this again.

    There are two sets of room properties:

    Hashtable CustomRoomProperties
    string[] CustomRoomPropertiesForLobby

    I was not assigning to the lobby properties again. This was true for v3.2.2.1 and still is true for v4.1.1.6

    I've games now searchable, with the results appearing in a list for users to join.