A Couple Of Questions

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I am currently looking for a network server solution for multi-player support in a video game that is going to be developed in the Unity game engine. I have a few questions about Photon before I start experimenting with implementing whatever solutions I find.

The first question, is there a limit of the number of free 100 CCP servers I can run? I just want to make sure I will be able to play around with dealing with multiple servers before I have to commit any money.

The next question is about the type of multi-player support I am going to need. For the current game I am working on, I only need 2 players per instance of the game. In the near future, I might need to support 5 - 10 players per instance of the game. I don't need MMO capibilities right now but it would be to have a solution that works for something as small as 2 players and scales upto 1000's of players. Does photon work well with both ends of the spectum?

The next question is about instances of the game and servers. Let say I have 100 players and want to run 50 2 player games? Would that be 50 servers each with there own instance of the game or can I run 50 games each with there own instance of the game on 1 server?

The last quest is if I do want to purchase a license, are licenses sold per server, per game, per developer, or something else?

Any answers to these questions would be great.


  • 1. Yes. 1 per game project.
    Multiple servers don't change anything over a single one as they act as distinct entities, there is no clustering which would change anything so all that works with 1 server works with 10x 1 server too :)

    2. Yes it does. Though thousands on a single server reaches bandwidth constraints. But otherwise this sounds exactly like a perfect fit for Lite

    3. 50 instances on a single server, more appropriately you would use Lite and have 50 rooms each representing an own game.

    4. The licenses are CCU per server and game.
  • The answers above are correct. Thanks Dreamora :)

    Some additional info:
    Our Lite application's rooms represent what you call a "game". These are made for smaller number of players who interact. If you want thousands of players to interact (in a seamless world, maybe), you would hit some walls with simple rooms (which send everything that goes in to all players). However the Photon server logic is done by C# applications and the MMO Application is able to cope with probably thousands of players in one world.

    The 100CCU Free License is meant per game. Of course we would give you licenses to test out your systems, so don't worry about that. Mail us and we'll provide you timed licenses for testing!