Rank posting

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Hi there.

I have chat, where i need display ranks of everyone.

When user connecting to chat, he uses nick as ('10'Blabla) where '10' is rank and Blabla is nick.
So when we get message, we can know sender's rank. (img - 1)


But i need to let users define their target.. (img - 2)
We basically don't know everyone's rank.

decision №1: cache sender's ranks and nick to dictionary when we get any message.
and once we get message, where someone specified target, we watching for him in dictionary and write cached rank(or default if empty).

decision №2: add to friends, get status, write rank urself.(i know it's wrong :D )


  • Hi, RomanZhu
    I should admit, i did not get whole idea. Do you need filter for those whose rank values you get?

    About your nick names:
    Photon chat supports different types of messages, not only strings. As such you may send your custom object to channel, others will get it and interpret. same can be done with string also

    Another solution, use status message. in this case all players should be friends.
    I do not think that use name of user to send his rank is good idea. But, well, this may work for you