What happen if the number of users exceed the CCU?

I'm using photon cloud with 100 maximum CCU. Because I have no chance to reach that maximum number, I'm wandering what happen if there are more users than the restriction of CCU connect to the server.

Thank you!


  • The subscriptions with 100 or less CCU don't include "overage", so players will be turned away on connect.
    Subscriptions with more CCU won't do that unless you won't upgrade the CCU of your subscription to the count of users you got by then.

    You could test the CCU limit with a free 20 CCU subscription. This should be doable. The clients just need to be connected to count as CCU.
    Hope that helps.
  • So do you mean that users will be unable to connect to the server if the server reaches the maximum CCU?
  • In the Free and 100 CCU subscriptions: Yes.
    If you expect more than 100 CCU you should get the appropriate subscription above that and we will allow some overage automatically, too.
  • Thanks for your quick reply!