Upgrading and collision issues

1) How do I upgrade photon cloud project in unity4.3.3 without breaking anything? I'm using an older version which is 1.8.

2) I've noticed my air combat game using photon cloud occasionally allows planes to fly through walls and obstacles. The walls and obstacles are mesh colliders and box colliders. It never happens on my builds on ipad and mac pro. Only happens now and then on the other player's device.

Could this be a symptom of using an out of date photon sdk? I am using an older v1.8 version of photon cloud.

Thx for any help. I luuuuv photon cloud and recommend it highly!


  • You mean updating PUN from an older version?
    Very carefully, I'd say.

    Joke aside, it's sadly some work in most cases. Compared to such an old version, the new one will have some changed callback names, lots of renamed and new methods and features and some changed logic, too.
    Read the change history and to update the files, I would propose to a) make a backup and then b) use Finder/Explorer to copy new files over the older ones. This will hopefully keep your PhotonView references.

    It could be a symptom of an older PUN version but more likely it's a symptom of the lag and loss that the position updates have due to networking. Imagine you crash into a wall and send this fact as update to the other clients. If one of them gets the message late, then this client can either move the plane through the walls or do the next more logical thing (do a crash and hope this is what happened on the owner's device, too).

    Cool to read you like Photon Cloud! Really appreciated by whole team :)
  • Thx for the quick reply...:)

    So to update - backup and use the update feature from the asset store in Unity?

    Is there a new PDF with all the calls/events listed as there were for the PUN 1.8 version?

    I've referred many fellow devs due to PUN's ease of use. A great product.
    I just hope I don't need to do too much tinkering on the update as everything works except
    for occasional collision problem that may just happen when someone connects with low speed network.
  • There is a change log, which might be too long to go through and of course a API reference documentation.
    Depending on your project it might even be wise to skip upgrading and just re-do the setup in the newer PUN. This depends on how much work the scenes are, etc.

    Good luck.