Photon Chat ASP.NET MVC Integration

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Hello I have a database solution using ASP.NET MVC for my Unity3d game. The service includes a "clan" system, user to user mail, character data, authentication and an assortment of micro-mmo gameplay stuff.

I would like to use PhotonChat as a push notification service similar to how Websockets are used. I am not talking about receiving message callbacks server side, but sending messages from the server to the clients. For example if a user posts a mail object to the server I would like the server to relay that new mail to the recipient using Photon Chat. Such integration is intended to be a replacement to Websockets and longpolling - technologies that I really don't want my webserver to handle at this time.

Does photon chat support such integration or have plans to support such integration ?


  • Hi,

    short answer is we don't have that feature.

    Longer answer - we currently don't have a Server-2-Server sdk, we thought that this kind of szenrios would probably just use
    push notifications. But I guess you'd like to inform non-mobile clients?

    What kind of clients are you thinking of?