Question about scalability issues

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I have a question that concerns photon licences. If I build a game around the 10 player licence and later decide to upgrade to the 1000 player licence, will I have to rewrite code to handle that increase or does photon handle scaling issues behind the scenes?

Bottom line, can I write code for a 10 person server and have it expand to 1000+ players easily? Is that what photon was made to do for me? :?:


  • Tobias
    Of course you don't have to rewrite the code. The user count limitation is done behind the scenes. If the limit is hit, new clients will be rejected with a fitting disconnect reason but your server code does not have to handle it.
    Photon is built to scale exceptionally well with CPU count and to make best use of the server's memory. We can't factor in what your game logic does but 1000+ players on a machine is reasonable.
    From there on, we've got a "Cloud" Powerup, which helps you scale across multiple machines. At that point, the code will need some adjustments.
  • Thx Tobias for the help. I have one more question. Do I always have to use the servers you guys provide or can I do my own hosting if I choose?

    The thing is that my game will become SO massive and popular that I will need millions of dollars worth of servers and capacity. :ugeek:
  • Tobias
    You can always just dump the millions of dollars in out money latch :lol:

    Joke aside: At the moment we don't even offer a hosting service. Photon is self hosted and can run on any fitting machine. It scales from single core VM up to a hosting center with 16 core server monsters on your own backbone.