Photon Cloud Authoritative Question

I can't find a direct answer about whether or not it is possible to create an authoritative server to host on Photon Cloud using PUN. I understand that it cannot be done using the other 3 methods (RealTime, TurnBased, and Chat) but I was wondering how much control I get over the server using the PUN option.

It may be a silly question, but I was curious about how PUN works, exactly, when integrated with Photon Cloud so I can decide which option to focus on learning an developing around.

It is my VAGUE understanding that when using PUN you are effectively coding the servers (to some degree?) that will be hosted on the Photon Cloud service?

Could someone please explain how all of this comes together for me?

Thank you in advance!


  • I'm sorry to say but that is a misunderstanding about PUN.
    Photon Unity Networking is only "happening" on the client side. We do use our regular servers or the Photon Cloud for matchmaking, friend finding and sending the messages from player to player but there is no game-specific logic running on the server.

    We work on a "Plugin" system where you write game logic with our interfaces and we could run them for you but this requires a Private Cloud setup which is only available for games that expect several thousands of concurrent users. If your game qualifies for that, mail us please: [email protected].

    But for small-ish games, we don't yet have a custom server code solution, aside from our Server SDK. This gives you the binaries and source to build your own logic but it also means you must host this yourself (we can't guarantee stability for code that we didn't do).

    Hosting yourself is probably not even that daunting for smaller player numbers though. It's definitely a lot of work but doable.