Connection to custom server application


How can I connect to my custom server application throw JavaScript (HTML5) SDK? I cannot find information in documentation or client SDK.

this.peer = new Photon.PhotonPeer("ws://", '');

For example in .NET:

// connect
client.connected = false;
peer.Connect("", "MyCustomServerApplication");

Best regards.


  • Hi,

    Add app id to your url: "ws://"
    Also make sure that there is no OverrideApplication=... attribute in <WebSocketListener> node of server config.
  • Thank you!

    Exactly what I`m looking for !

    There is 2 way:

    1) this.peer = new Photon.PhotonPeer("ws://", '');
    And comment or delete OverrideApplication attribute in <WebSocketListener> node of server config

    2) this.peer = new Photon.PhotonPeer("ws://", '');
    But then OverrideApplication=MyCustomServerApplication in <WebSocketListener> node of server config
  • Yes, you are right. If only one application on server, 2nd option may be more convenient.