[SOLVED] Editor Works / But Playable Links to Demo Screen?

Hey there!

I've been using Photon for a bit to toy around with a little multiplayer game I'm making for some friends as a learner project. Everything was going swell until a recent change I made; I added a second copy of the object serving as my terrain (not an actual terrain object --- a collection of meshes created in Blender), punched a hole in it in Blender to make a little tunnel, added a few tiny game objects (particle effects etc.) here and there in the second copy, and checked to make sure everything was working in the editor.

The punchline: everything works fine in the editor (all the proper connection messages, gameplay is fine etc), but when I 'Build-and-Run' a copy to share with people on the Webplayer, that copy just forwards me to a screen with a list of Photon demos.

Any ideas what I could've screwed up?

EDIT: Oh, nevermind! I just noticed that, for some reason, the list of scenes-to-be-built didn't include the current scene, just a bunch of Photon scenes. Not sure how I caused that to be the case, but it seems I just need to fix that.

I seem to be developing a habit of fixing stuff right after I post here looking for help; sorry!


  • :)
    At least you make progress and let us know when you fixed things yourself.
    So: Nevermind the post. Glad to read you are not stuck...
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