Probable BUG with BaseDirectory

edited March 2011 in Photon Server
Photon Version= (proibable in later too) :)
I have PhotonSocketServer.xml from without any changes, work on windows7 x64 from bin_x64 dir.

When "MMO Demo Application" loads before "Flash & Silverlight Policy Server" they config value BaseDirectory="MmoDemo"
will replaced with

How to check: After all application starts, try to read something by MmoDemo from its BaseDirectory by related path ( i.e. propertis/something.txt ), after that try to log your current apppath.

Work arround: In Applications tag of PhotonSocketServer.xml move "MMO Demo Application" section to end, right before </Applications>.

Potential troubles: Not known which else resources was overwritten by last loaded application.


  • Tobias
    This sounds a lot like a bug we fixed a while ago.
    Which Server SDK are you using? That you are using a PhotonSocketServer.xml and not the PhotonServer.config tells me you're not using the lastest server.

    Do you think you can upgrade?
    In logs i found that
    > PhotonHostRuntime.PhotonDomainManager from PhotonHostRuntime, Version=

    yes, we not yet moved to latest version, this will be one of the next steps!
    Thx for answer, only wished brief set of your attention!