Abort JoinRoom Method


First of all, thanks to the Marco Polo tutorial, it seems pretty straight forward to me using PUN to set up simple multiplayer interactions in my game.

I'm using JoinRandomRoom and then CreateRoom if failed. However, I'm wondering if I could call a function, after the JoinRandomRoom method is called, to abort the JoinRoom operation just before the player join any room?

Is there anyway to do so?

Thanks a lot.


  • Hey Ricc,
    It's good to read that the Marco Polo Tutorial helps.

    There is no way to cancel any room operation in Photon. You are in the room within a few seconds max so there is usually not even enough time to cancel anything about it.
    Just leave the room and join another when you're ready.
  • Thanks Tobias!

    I will only start the game when the two players have joined the room. I guess I will just add a few seconds timeframe after the "Play with Random Person" button was clicked and before the JoinRoom method was called, so that the player can abort random matching with another.
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