Install Photon Lite in Cloud

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I'm new to Photon and cloud computing. I'd like to implement a Lite application to install into a cloud host, perhaps Amazon EC2. This is to allow an iPhone app support for competing players. Is there cloud installation info in addition to the existing implementation info?



  • Amazon EC2 is more or less the same as a remote machine. The setup for a single instance is the same as when you do it locally - with the difference that you do it via remote desktop connection.
    In EC2, you can then create your own "image" when you're done with the setup. Those images can be started on any instance you start later on. This saves you some setup, if you terminate your EC2 instance.

    You should simply follow the start / setup guide in the DevNet. It also works on cloud machines. ... iveminutes ... llsettings

    A full-blown, scalable cloud hosting with load balancing between any current number of machines is a different thing and for concurrent user counts of more than 1000 or so. This depends on the server-load of your game.

    If your project is at that size, please let us know and we'll provide you with our cloud solutions.
  • Are there minimum requirements to install it? I'm planning on using cloud hosting but I'm not sure what I really need. All i know so far is that I really wanna have excellent support! Can you check if this is okay?
  • Check the requirements here:
    From what I can see, it should be ok. You might need to install the DotNet framework but that's nothing to keep you from it.
    We checked out AirVm. Might be an alternative. Not sure how the price/performance ratio is for either.