Photon Cloud Server Question.

I've one question for Photon Cloud Servers. I want the players to choose the best server depends on their location but currently in the Setup options, I can only choose on e region and apply one appid only. How can I setup several region for my game an connect to the setup regions dynamically inside the application with several appIDs?


  • You don't need several AppIds. At least, not for the regions. Those are separated player-wise but the AppId is global.

    In your code, you are now calling PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings(version). You can call PhotonNetwork.ConnectToBestCloudServer(version) instead. Then the client will try to figure out the pings of all known regions and connect to the one with lowest lag.

    Keep in mind: If you have a low player-base, you will spread them even thinner! Unless you have enough players worldwide, this is usually not a good idea.

    We will improve the pinging code in one of the coming updates. It currently doesn't work on webplayers in IE and not in Windows 8 exports.
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