Network object problem

everything is ok when i Play in Server but in client side i don't do anything(select - move or .....)
i seems All object in client side is Freezing

i create my Player :
		player_ghermez [0] = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate ("Player_ghermez", new Vector3 (2, 0, 8), same_rotation, 0);
		player_abi [0] = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate ("Player_abi", new Vector3 (28, 0, 8), same_rotation, 0);

what shoud i do ??


  • Please, don't "up" your post unless you don't get an answer for a week or so.
    We had a long weekend but most of the time we monitor the open questions quite well.

    I don't think I can help at the moment. The picture only shows a part of the problem but does not give a hint about the cause.
    Maybe this helps: Any GameObject a client instantiates will "belong" to that client. Other clients can't update it. To be able to see changes from the owner, the owner must send updates (of course) and the others have to apply those changes.

    Photon does not have any code to prevent a player from picking a unit or character, so ask yourself: What could be preventing a click from being a successful "pick"?
    I fear you have to try to debug this yourself some more.
    Did you follow the Marco Polo Tutorial? I think it helps understanding the basics of setting up GameObjects for synchronization and how to update others. Maybe doing it (again) helps... ... marco-polo
  • thanks for reply
    my Game :
    we have 2 player
    red and blue , Red is my Player or server and Blue is Client
    i create both players with PhotonNetwork.Instantiate.
    when i login with Server and move my Charcter - another game or Client have Unread or freez and i can't set any click or even touch
    i really don't know why this must happend i think with this you fine my means
    thank you
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