Schedule interval suddenly stops sending

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As I am making my game, I am sending data to all player every 100 milliseconds. I am using Schedule interval adn issuing an event to each player with the game simulation data.

Locally it works great, all the game system works perfectly. But when i put photon in the real server, the game client starts to recive the interval events and after a while it suddenly stops, no error code from the client nor the serve, it simply just stops... I assume the client suddenly stops sending or issuing schedules... why this happen when usign a real server but not locally? mayba a setting I am not aware of?

Maybe is there a problem with the schedule message interval, or maybe i should only create one schedule and then recreate the schedule after execution has completed?

I really don't know what I could be doing wrong...

Thanks a lot.


  • dreamora
    With really no error (not even in the application log) its hard to say whats actually going on.

    The only thing that would make sense to me in such a case is that the scheduling actually stopped working or that the network interface is that flooded that it just drops all messages
  • Tobias
    Your error description sounds familiar.

    We've been chasing a hard to reproduce bug over the last week, which behaved like you describe: on some computers, Photon just ceased to send events and did not disconnect the players, even though they did not respond in a long time.
    As I was the tester, I'm really happy we tackled this one :)

    I am currently preparing a fixed server SDK for this. As we are still in "Release Candidate" mode, this contains some other changes and improvements but it should be no problem to update. Clients are compatible.

    You can now download and use the Photon Server SDV v2.0.1 RC4.
    Please let us know if the error is fixed.
  • Tobias
    My colleague is working on a migration guide for RC3 to RC4. There are a few changes and even though it's not much, it sure is easier with a description. I hope to have this in the next day.
  • Hello,

    I had to change lots of server code, but I am happy to announce that that mysterious error does not happen anymore :)

    I now have to deal with lots of issues from my code, but at least that error is gone :D

    Thanks a lot for your help,

    Italo F. Capasso B. AKA "Edwood Grant"
  • Tobias
    Thanks for letting us know!
    Guide to upgrade is on it's way (but too late here, sorry). Update to the MMO Demo code and clients is also in the pipeline.
  • I was also experiencing behavior that sounds similar to this.

    A player would stop sending events but not get disconnected from the server, and nothing was logged to DebugReturn when this happened. It seemed to happen at random.

    I just upgraded the server to RC4. The PopulateParameters thing seems kind of strange.

    So far I haven't been able to reproduce the issue, will be doing more testing over the weekend.
  • Boris
    The PopulateParameters thing seems kind of strange.
    We changed this because previously incoming operations with invalid parameters caused exceptions. Exceptions have a negative impact on the server's performance.
    The new PopulateParameters method returns an error code and a debug message that can be forwarded to the client. This is especially helpful for client developers that do not have access to the server log files.