Transitioning from singleplayer to multiplayer

Hi everybody,

I'm currently preparing to start a project in Unity and have a question regarding PUN. I'm working by myself as designer/programmer and will probably add other people to the project as needed. I'm not sure if I should get started on the game and worry about having PUN implemented later by a more experienced programmer, or if I should get down and dirty fright from the get go all by my lonesome. If the first case, are there things that I need to keep in mind that will make adding it on later will be easier?

Thanks in advance!


  • If you keep representation, input and game logic separated, you should be able to turn your game into multiplayer relatively well. However, this obviously depends on the game and programming, so it's very difficult to say anything in general.

    Maybe you should research the basics of making a multiplayer game and have a general idea about what that takes, compared to singleplayer.

    All the best. Looking forward to see something of your game.
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