Auto disconnect in Asia region

My application runs properly in EU or US region. But It auto disconnects under running in Asia region. I found that if I change the PhotonViews "Observe" option to "unreliable", I will run properly . But when I change PhotonViews "Observe" option to "Reliable delta compress", I will auto disconnect when running in Asia Region.( DemoVikings has the same problem)

Is there any bugs in asia region server? How can I fix this problem? Thank you!


  • I don't think there is a bug.
    The problem you get will be related to worse and unstable ping times. The additional "acks" and repeats for reliable messages could cause timeouts while unreliable messages will tend to get lost more often in this setup.
    It's a problem when you're not in the region you test with but it's not a problem when you're actually there.

    We do test our servers but of course a problem might occur in one region while others run better.
    However, if you can, test a region from a place nearby. Else, the network in between can cause such side-effects.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you feel unsure or if you are sure it's not just lag.
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