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I face some issues with maxPlayers,

description is below;
created a room with where 4 players can play together (maxPlayers as 4), where 4 random players can join - for which I've used "randomjoin" API

find the code below

[mLoadBalancingClient opCreateRoom:@SampleGame :true :true :4:dictGameRoomProps :roomProps];
[mLoadBalancingClient opJoinRandomRoom:roomProps :4];

There is some limitation or bug in API. it allows only 3 player at max. i can't create room for 4 players to join the game

let me know some suggestions plz

Shunmugam P


  • Hi shunmugam.

    The maxPlayers value includes the creator of the room. So if you want 4 additional players to join, then you will have to specify a max players value of 5 for room creator + 4 other players
  • HI Kaiserludi,
    Thanks for your reply,

    My game room creation and randomJoin maxPlayers count set as 4.
    Most of the time 4 players can't able to join.(once successfully joined out of 10 tries).
    However, we tried with setting max count to 3. IN this scenario it works well with not even a single try error.
    But, Scenarios like count set to 4 it is giving the failure.

    Shunmugam P
  • Hi Shunmugam P.

    What version of the SDK are you using? Can you reproduce this with the demo? If yes, please provide steps how to reproduce. If not, then please provide us with a self-contained reproduction case.
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