Number of Rooms incorrect

When I join a room, why does the room count and number of players in the room say 0?

public void OnJoinedRoom()
print("Player Count: " + PhotonNetwork.playerList.Length); // Output: Player Count: 1
print("Room Count: " + PhotonNetwork.countOfRooms); // Output: Room Count: 0
print("Room Details: " +; // Output: Room Details: Room: 'e7494064-c1e9-49b0-9446-e1e236933161' visible: True open: True max: 2 count: 0

Is there another function to use after I join a room?



  • Help me. Where did I read this post before?..

    The method you use is fine. There is one for the case you created the room but OnJoinedRoom is called in that case, too.
    The countOfRooms is only available outside of rooms on the Master Server.
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