Missing files? Turnbased intro. LoadBalancingPeer

Hey guys,
Very excited I found you guys, and very excited for Turnbased.

Just downloaded Photon Unity Networking Free from the asset store, and imported into my project. Started to follow the Turnbased guide, http://doc.exitgames.com/en/turnbased/c ... ased-intro and am getting stuck on the first code example(connect). Copied and pasted the code to a new script, and it doesn't seem to know about LoadBalancingPeer, or AppId. Am I missing files? Or did I miss a step? (I realize this is one of the first steps haha) (and no I didn't forget "using ExitGames.Client.Photon;")

Also the Memory Game Demo tutorial looks very good, http://doc.exitgames.com/en/turnbased/c ... emory-demo

Where do I download the package?


  • Cool to read you're looking forward to Turnbased! We're eager to roll it out to the public in general.

    At the moment, you will find the Memory Demo on our "Early Access" group's welcome page:
    https://groups.google.com/a/exitgames.c ... ased-group

    Photon Unity Networking is not running with the Turnbased features. So the demos from PUN won't work in the package you get in the Early Access group and vice versa. This is very likely the root cause for the issues you have now. You need to get the Turnbased package and follow the demo and instructions in it.

    We will work on more tutorials for both packages. Let us know where you're stuck.
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