Smoothing problems with 2d Characters

So I attempted to take the Unity 4.3 2D example project and make it multiplayer with PUN. My experience is that the smoothing seems to be much more problematic with 2d characters than has been my experience with 3d.

I could post my smoothing code, but it looks much like the default smoothing methods in the tutorials.

Any ideas?


  • Controls are most likely very different. In the demo you have arcade-style controls and you char can instantly switch from moving-right to moving-left. Such a radical turn-around exposes the lag.
    You can delay the input locally and hide 100 to 200ms network lag by sending the input immediately still.
    Maybe you can detect if the user changed direction and do something to smooth this in a special way. React more directly.
  • Makes sense.

    Thanks for the input, I'll give it a try.
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