PUN+ 100CCU bonus, and free vs paid Cloud differences

Hi there!

I found 100CCU forever bonus for PUN+ asset very interesting offer on its own and have some questions regarding this feature:
  • I would like to be sure that Photon Cloud difference between free and paid plans is *only* in max CCU and the rest (quality of game servers) is the same - is it really so?
  • What will happen with the upgraded by 100CCU bonus application if I turn it into the paid plan one day? Will these 100CCU be added to this paid plan on top?
  • May I transfer these 100CCU bonus between account's applications? What restrictions are applied then?


  • Photon Cloud Free is the same as a regular subscription.
    It starts with 20 CCU and has no "CCU Burst" (which would allow more users than the CCU limit temporarily). It can be extended with the +100 CCU of the PUN+ package.
    The +100 CCU stick with the AppId you add, even if the Free plan is turned into some paid plan but you can't transfer the +100 from app to app.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I was looking for!
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