Friends list is case sensitive

Is there any way to make the friend list check not case sensitive? It's not really useful when someone can log onto their username with different casing.


  • Also, the friends lists appears to only be updating when someone joins a server. I'm using PhotonNetwork.FindFriends(friendArray); frequently and even after completely restarting the game, it still thinks that certain players are in servers when they have completely quit themselves.

    Edit: it appears to be telling me people are online and in certain servers even though they have been offline for an hour now?

    Edit: Some are left in an online state with their server name many hours after they have quit. It doesn't look like they will change unless that user signs in again and goes into servers.
  • If case does not matter in your case, please simply make all (auth) input lowercase or uppercase. You can fix this client side easily and we don't want to add an extra setting for this server-side.

    We have one known issue that might lead to "stuck players" who never go offline again. We hope to deploy that fix in the next week or so.

    It can also be another issue altogether. If so, we want to fix that of course.
    Can you reproduce the issue for more than one friend? What exactly do you do?
  • Perhaps I'm confused on the way the friends list is working, but isn't it based on PhotonNetwork.playerName? If you forced playerName to be all lower or upper, then wouldn't like a list of players in game always be lower or upper, so users couldn't choose their casing at login? Is there like a "I logged in with this name, but changed it later, but I'm still searched for by my log in name?" I guess it's not fully clear.

    As far as stuck players it just seems to be happening rather frequently. The only time you get a 100% sure update is when someone joins a new server. Logging to the master list or quitting directly doesn't work frequently. Are there some sorts of calls we should be making to make absolute sure that someone is hitting the master server or quitting? I'm guessing right now if someone's game crashes while they are in a room then a message will never be sent that says, "I left this room" and thus they won't update? At the moment I have usernames that haven't been on for days that are still saying online in a room.
  • I will have to check the details but you can definitely separate the userID used in login/auth from the user's nick, which should be shown in-game. At the moment, the playerName is also setting the userId for auth. This was simpler but it's less control about everything.
    I will have to look this up as soon as I can and maybe I'll change the API to make this more clear.
    How quick do you need this?

    Stuck players:
    It's interesting to see that some games tend to have stuck players while others don't.
    If some client doesn't send anything for a while, there is a timeout that will "disconnect" that client. this happens when you just close your clients. The bug might be related but is probably also related to some timing.
    So you say when a player leaves a room, the others often don't get an update of that?? That's totally weird.
    Can I see your game somewhere? Do you use the same room names over and over or do you let Photon generate a random (GUID) name?
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