16 Concurrent Users..

Hey, sorry if this is not as obvious to me as it might be to others, but could someone define the "16 concurrent users" part of the free Photon subscription to me? Would that be 16 users max per room, or 16 users connected over your game at the same time? Thank you in advance!


  • The Photon Cloud measures concurrent users per application at the same time. It does not matter if users are in the same room or not.
    The Free subscription for testing and development is 20 CCU.
    As not everyone who bought/plays your game will play at the same time, you will have usually much more users per month than concurrent players at the same time.
    Our pricing for the Photon Cloud:
  • Okay...but lets say I have made a hit game. That would mean that I might have a lot more Ccu than 500 or maybe even 1000...is there no subscription for unlimited users (of course that would only make sense if it does turn out to be too few)? I expected games like "Verdun" to require such a subscription....
  • Kind of.
    Starting with the 500 CCU subscriptions, there is a "CCU Burst": We accept more users than your current limit and give you the time to adjust your subscription.
    Unless you actively refuse to upgrade your subscriptions, the players won't notice you are more successful than you anticipated.
  • Hahaha okay thank you, that is all I needed to know :)
  • I had one more question relating this issue, it would be really cool if you could help me with this: Will LAN or Offline play require the player to connect to the master server and therefore add to the Ccu limit?
  • In offline mode PUN does not connect at all. In LAN games you still need a server.
    You can redistribute Photon with the redistributable package and license. Each server has it's own CCU count then.
  • Thank you for your quick replies.
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