Flash SDK problem

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First of all, i am using Flash cs3 for compilation and FlashDevelop as IDE.
While i was not able to import swc library in Flash CS3, i somehow was able to add it in FlashDevelop, but when trying to run, i get the following error:
VerifyError: Error #1014: Class de.exitgames.photon_as3::CoreConstants could not be found.

ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable Main is not defined.

What is wrong? Or is this SDK supposed to be used only with Flex?


  • It should be working with FlashDevelop as well. As we don't use it, we can give little assistance to setup questions, sorry.

    The missing class is in the library and the error message makes it look like the compiler does not know about the swc code library. Maybe there is a trick to adding it in FlashDevelop?

    Edit: We will try to reproduce this. Hopefully tomorrow.
  • It seems that CS3 does not support code libraries nicely. We would have to produce a new component only for CS3.
    As there are newer versions with more features, we won't support Photon with CS3 anymore.

    The good news is that Flex, CS4 and CS5 do support code libraries. Attached are screenshots with correct settings for those. I hope you can switch to CS4 or go on with Flex in your case.