Client as Host

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Hey there!

I looked around but did not find something that clearly explain what i want to know.

Is there a way that you can built the server into the game ?
I just want that every player of the game could possible host a game, without starting the Server outside of the game ( besides he would not know how ). So somehow just like Unitys networking is working at the moment. Sure i could use Unitys networking, but i want to test/use something "better".

Second question: Is it possible to make a Server software with photon for your game that everbody who wants to could host one ( dedicated, just like in Counter Strike) or would they need an own Photon license ?



  • You can host photon only on windows machines and it's started with a separate exe, so you can't put it inside the unity game. Servers do also need an open firewall - your game clients would not have that.
    From the technical side dedicated servers could be hosted with the free license file - but as far as I know legally you can only have one free server per application, so this would be a violation of the license terms.