[solved] Doc Web doesn't show all code snippets

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I have tried this in Chrome, Firefox and, yes, even IE.

http://doc.exitgames.com/en/onpremise/c ... om-scratch

I can see:
* Create a new class 'ChatServer' and inherit from 'Photon.SocketServer.ApplicationBase':

I cannot see:
* Create a new class 'ChatPeer' and inherit from 'Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase':
* Return a new instance of ChatPeer at ChatServer.CreatePeer:
* The server configuration looks like this:
* Client Code
(and so on)

http://doc.exitgames.com/en/onpremise/c ... operations

I can see:
* Let's start on the server side, in the Lite Application. This variant is not very elegant but simple.

I cannot see:
* Knowing the definition of above's Operation, we can call it from the client side. This client code calls it on connect:

http://doc.exitgames.com/en/realtime/cu ... -in-photon

I can see:
* The static method to call is:

I cannot see:
* Conversely, we also return just an object in DeserializeVector2:
* And finally, we have to register the Vector2:

I cannot wait to get started with Photon, but I am an example-driven learner and frankly I am struggling right now. Let me know if there is something I missed? a button I need to press on the page?


  • I figured out a work-around. If you view -> source, all the examples are there.
  • By now, all samples should be back.
    We deployed a new server for the docs last week and didn't notice that all code was gone but the first.

    Sorry about that!