Catching data from PhotonView on server side

Hi, is it possible to somehow catch PhotonView data on the Photon Server?
Or do i need to make custom serialization operations?


  • You mean if you can de-code and use the messages that the clients use to sync positions and to send RPCs?
    Yes, it's possible but only if you use the Photon Server SDK and host yourself. Not in the Cloud.
    You will have to register the custom types we use for Unity (should be easy - this works like in the client) and you have to analyze what PUN actually sends. However, as this was planned as pure client-side API, this is not well defined and documented...
  • Ok, thanks .. But i really can't find it in the server SDK sources, is it there? or is PhotonView data handled in photon dll library?
  • Hi Marek,

    you need to register it as a custom type on the server-side, and make sure that you use the same type code on the client & server.

    Here is an example of the server-side code: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=3028#p13947