[bug] In Photon Box Demo

Getting started with box demo. I think I found a bug in the tutorial.

Here are the steps to replicate.

- Start up three clients.
- Drop some scene boxes.
- Disconnect.
- Reconnect.
- Drop some scene boxes.

The boxes will not appear the second time.


  • Also, Im finding misspellings. For instance in PhotonNetwork.cs you spell create "creart" and so forth. Im bad at spelling myself. I use a Visual Studio plug in to identify them.
  • :lol:
    I can't write a straight sentence without having to correct something.
    The tip with the plugin is cool. Firefox is helping with that, too, so why shouldn't I do that in an IDE.

    The boxes demo might be misleading: You can't create scene boxes when you're not the Master Client but the option is there, despite that.
    If you leave and join again, the remaining player is the master.
    If you leave a game and create a new one, then of course you should be able to create scene game objects.

    Is the latter the case?