Send and receive data between Flash client and Photon Server

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Hi everybody,

I want send and receive data in flash client in phase conplete ConnectedToMaster -> JoinedLobby but I haven't done (Note: I use LoadBalancingClient() of Photon)

[info] LoadBalancingClient: State: Uninitialized -> ConnectingToMasterserver
[info] LoadBalancingClient: Connecting to Master
[info] Master: Connected
[info] Master: Authenticate...
onAppStats 0 [object Object]
[info] Master: Authenticated
[info] LoadBalancingClient: State: ConnectingToMasterserver -> ConnectedToMaster
[info] Master: Join Lobby undefined undefined ...
[info] Master: Joined to Lobby
[info] LoadBalancingClient: State: ConnectedToMaster -> JoinedLobby