IP and Ports for Photon Cloud


I'm having the same issue as qwerty777 with a PC in a University network in that i can access up to the create / join room interface. But when I choose to create a room, a message "Connecting to the photon server" appears and then on the unity log, there is an OnDisconnectedFromPhoton error. The network guys have opened up the following ports

TCP:843, 943, 4520, 4530-4532, 4540, 9090-9092

However they have monitored my connections on the PC and each time I choose to create a room it goes to a different IP address in the cloud, they require the IP of all the servers in the cloud in order to confire the firewall to allow me access. One of the techs has emailed exit games to see if he could get the IP's but so far he's not heard anything back from them. Can anybody supply the IP's in the cloud (uk based if that makes any difference).


  • As in these?
  • Yes,

    They've already allowed app-eu.exitgamescloud.com (this appears to be static) through the firewall as this is required to get to the room creation screen, but if you try to create a room I get the OnDisconnectedFromPhoton error and each time it goes to a different IP address, possibly in the 82.192.8x.xxx range. Hence I'll need the IP's or range of IP's of the servers in the cloud.
  • Sorry but we can't provide a list of IPs for our cloud servers. They might change anytime and we can't keep you up to date.
    Due to that, you can't really limit the connections by IP.
    I guess you get a reply by mail, too. Did you write to [email protected]?

    In worst case, you can host a Photon instance on your machine almost anywhere, provided the server can reach our License Monitor.
    Else, you need to send us a hardware-ID or IP address to send you a locked license that doesn't need the network connection.