Photon Server help

does anyone know how i can make the Photon Server to work like the photon cloud ?
Because i dont want to code all the serverside stuff by me and i dont want do pay monthly for photon cloud.
So any help ? ;)


  • By default, the Photon Server from the SDKs is pretty much a replacement for the Photon Cloud. Aside from a few features missing in the Server SDK still.
    Just download the Server SDK and run the "LoadBalancing (MyCloud)" instance.
  • Oh, lol sry :D

    i thing i have read over it xD

    Thx ;) Btw, great job!
  • Oh
    is there a room limit or something ?
    I know the 100ccu limit buts that no problem^^
  • No room limit.
    However, things might break or get unstable due to over-usage. Usually, each event you send goes to all other users. Test your worst case!
  • Do you think that one room can handle 25-50 players at the same time ? The Internet connection from my root can handle it easyly but is the Server logic designed for 25-50 players in one room ?
  • Another important question for me is, does it make a difference if i make my own costomProps(like with Request and repsonste with RPC's to sync an own player list with kills etc) or use the built in customProp ?
    Is there an interval to sync the customProps or does it sync only if i change/add something ???
    and eg when i have a for loop to show the Kills or what ever i use eg pl.customProp["Kills"] so what does this do ?
    Does it send an request to request the kills for the player or does it load it from a local var wich will be updated when the customProp changed ?

    Thx for your support dude!! Great Job ;)
  • The amount of users you can get into a room does not only depend on the server. It could cope with that many users for sure but the amount of updates each client gets (by default) might be too much to handle for the clients. If your game is quiet and slow, clients can cope with more players but if the game is hectic and you get every update, then it's less users per room.
    Potentially, you can do interest management or throttle the amount of updates/sec to raise the number of users per room.

    You can build your own properties system, if you like. Add operations and events at will or come up with something completely different. The server SDK is open enough for really heavy modding.

    Props are sent to users on join. You can broadcast each change or you can even do silent updates.
    We cache properties locally in each client, so you can access them anytime without overhead.
    Please have a look and experiment.