Photon Linux SDK on CentOS

edited February 2014 in Native

We would like to make an interaction between out CentOS server and Photon server. The problem is that Photon Linux SDK is build with glibc >= 2.15 dependency, while out version of glibc is only 2.5. These versions are incompatible and there is no way to update glibc without upgrading OS itself. Though, even the latest CentOS 6.5 has only glibc 2.12, which is incompatible as well. In fact, majority of server linux OSs are very reluctant in updating software.

Is it possible to rebuild Photon Linux SDK with older version of glibc? The other good thing would be to build 64 bit version of the SDK with -fPIC flag to enable its usage in a shared library.

Hope the issue can be resolved and we would be able to use Photon server.
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