Disable Instantiate on a certain client

Hi there,
I was wondering if there is currently anyway to disable instantiating objects on a certain client?
I've stuck to just using Photon Cloud instead of the server and with that I've made a separate game client which is the server (Room) Hoster.
The problem is I want the server client to just be a terminal so it's as lightweight as possible but the console is getting spammed with issues because there is no prefabs in the game to instantiate. Is there anyway around this? Thanks.


  • Anyone got any ideas? :/
  • So you want to host Unity instances to "host" the game? Are you sure you want to run and maintain all those instances and handle the extra lag?

    Aside from this: PUN doesn't support not instantiating GOs on specific clients but you can modify the PUN code to your needs. Keep in mind that the network communication is broken without those GOs, too, cause RPCs and updates from other clients won't find the matching GameObjects on "some" clients. This will break stuff.
  • The reason I'm hosting the rooms this way is because it removes all masterclient related code from the actual game client itself, in theory making it much more resistant to hackers. We'll also only be hosting "Official" rooms as well as a few player owned rooms so It's not too many.

    Would you possibly be able to please give me even a small example of how I could modify PUN to do such a thing?