Who should do the random things?

Hello Community

I need to do the following: When a room is full, the host can start the game. Easy so far. Now there comes the problem. If there are 8 Players, 1 of them is an "enemy" and the other 7 have to fight against him. This enemy is randomly selected. Who should run this random script? The server will not be able, because I use the cloud. So I think it's best if the host runs this function. But how do I tell each player what they have to instantiate? Because only 1 player gets the command to instantiate an enemy prefab. The others have to instantiate a common player prefab.

I hope you know what I mean. And another question. If I have 12 spawn-points and each player has to spawn at a different one. Who has to run this script?

I think I have big problems with imaging how the communication between the clients works.

Thanks in advance for helping me.



  • Hi

    Let the Host decide who the enemy is.
    Then the Host sends an RPC to tell every player who he is , enemy or not.

    I think you can let the players get a random spawn point themselves . They just might spawn at the same point.