Network problems?

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Is there any problems with the photon network recently? I'm getting server timeout disconnects and message delivery seems to lag... second day in a row. If so, this is dissapointing... i'm trying to learn how to work with your framework, so i'm not quite sure who is to blame :)

PS: Seems like your forum is overrun by spam bots :\


  • Tobias
    Yes, the spambots are getting on our nerves, too but we didn't find a proper solution yet. Questions don't seem to bother them much.

    The Photon Cloud should work fine. We're not aware of serious issues.
    Where are you and which region do you use? Which client SDK and version?
  • I'm in Moscow, Russia and i'm connecting to the EU region. Using: Photon-DotNet_v3-2-2-1_Cloud_SDK

    There was real hell with the connection around 1st Feb for a couple of days. Constant disconnects and timeouts :(
    Currently i don't experience any issues except random timeouts, but i'm not sure what is causing it. May be this is my internet provider fault.