LoadLevel break connection

I got a problem with Unity 4.3.3 Pro, Photon Cloud and last loaded PUN: in level 1 making room - all ok, room created and joined. But, then coll LoadLevel - connection lost and connect status going in "peerconnect". Room creating in no destroy GameObject. Using an Application.LoadLevel and PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel, loading empty level with one text only from empty level with undestroyable GameObject - all the same: connect for Photon Cloud is lost after call LoadLevel. Is this a free plan feature or the bug or my few experience?


  • It might be an issue with you loosing the connection. Usually, when you disconnect (or get disconnected), PUN will clean up all game objects that you network instantiated.
    You can't successfully use LoadLevel when you're not connected.
    If you loose connection every time you call LoadLevel, it's a bug. Afaik, in our demos, this worked however.
    Please check the console output and see if some error message gives a hint.